Waterproofing Services
for Commercial and Industrial Roofs in Ohio

Stop Leaks and Water Damage with Cosam Contracting, Inc.

Waterproofing is an important part of commercial roofing. Cosam Contracting, Inc. provides multiple services that includes waterproofing your industrial or commercial roof. By adding a coating to your roof or installing a new roofing system, your roof will be protected from water damage. Ohio has many types of weather that can cause water damage, which hurts the structure of your roof. We can make sure that your roof lasts longer, saving you money and time. For more information on the waterproofing services Cosam Contracting, Inc. provides for commercial locations, call our central and northern Ohio office at (419) 492-2201, or our southern Ohio and Kentucky office at (740) 776-7777 today.

Waterproofing Technology from Reputable Brands

Waterproofing can be done in a variety of ways, and Cosam Contracting, Inc. is an authorized dealer for several types of roofing systems, including: Firestone, U.S. PLY Inc., Conklin, Duro-Last Roofing System, and RPI. Waterproofing services can be part of a roofing contract to enable the system to remain durable and last longer. This way, your roof will stay durable and last for much longer. Cosam Contracting, Inc. will help you diagnose the problem, and find the right waterproofing material. To have us come to your industrial or commercial building in Ohio, contact us today.

Waterproofing & Protecting Your Roof for Years to Come

Cosam Contracting, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company that has knowledge and experience of over 30 years in roofing in Ohio and northern Kentucky. We will send expert roofing contractors to help you with every aspect of waterproofing and protecting your roof. These finishing details are ones that should not be overlooked. In the long run, we will save you and your business time and money. Cosam Contracting, Inc., will provide you with waterproofing services in Tiro, OH, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule waterproofing and protection services.