Storm Damage Repair
for Commercial Roofs in OH and KY

Cosam Contracting, Inc. Protects Roofs from Severe OH & KY Weather

Industrial and commercial roofing in Ohio and Kentucky can take a beating during times of severe weather. Rain, hail, snow, ice, and wind can cause extensive damage to roofing material. Leaving the roof unrepaired can cause additional damage to the structure and contents. For an immediate fix of extensive damages with quality products, Cosam Contracting, Inc. is the place to call. Our commercial roofing professionals can provide repairs and assist in preventing future damage. When you need a professional roofing contractor to fix storm damage, call Cosam Contracting, Inc. today in central and northern Ohio at (419) 492-2201, or in southern Ohio and Kentucky at (740) 776-7777 to schedule repairs promptly. Contact Cosam Contracting, Inc. online for timely response on any questions you may have.

Durable Solutions for Weather and Storm Damages in Ohio

There are many types of weather that cause different types of storm damage in Ohio. Hailstorms occur regularly and can produce hailstones in a variety of sizes. Large hailstones can dent metal roofs and asphalt. Heavy snowfall can weaken areas causing commercial or industrial roofing to fall or collapse under the weight. Ice dams can damage a roof by blocking water from melting snow. Pools of sitting water can damage the roofing and, over time, the underlying structure. Violent wind can pull roofing materials loose, leaving your commercial or industrial building exposed. Cosam Contracting, Inc. has the roofing experts you need to keep roofing secure. Call Cosam Contracting, Inc. today to repair or install durable roofing solutions.

Protect Your Roof from Equipment Damage with Cosam Contracting, Inc.

Rough weather can also cause equipment on industrial and commercial roofs to deteriorate or break. From satellite dishes and wires to HVAC equipment, items on your roof are at risk during a snow, rain, hail, ice, or wind storm. You never want to be caught off guard or be unsafe with broken roofing equipment. A regular inspection of your roofing materials can determine if there has been any damage done to the equipment and to make sure there was no damage done to your roof. An experienced roofing contractor like Cosam Contracting, Inc. can make the necessary repairs and provide advice about the proper installation of this equipment.

Quality Materials from Conklin Provide Storm Protection

For over 30 years, Cosam Contracting, Inc. has been working with quality roofing materials from companies like Conklin. Conklin makes an acrylic roofing coating that can provide protection against storms and severe weather in Ohio and Northeastern Kentucky. This energy efficient roofing system is tested and proven to work on commercial and industrial roofs. Cosam Contracting, Inc. uses quality materials from Conklin, and we can speak to their effectiveness. For more information on Conklin and or any other questions you may have about roof coating systems, contact us today!