Roof Leak Repair
for OH and KY Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Cosam Contracting, Inc. Prevents Water Damage from Roof Leaks

Leaking roofs can cause water damage in your commercial and industrial property. When a roof leaks, it means that the structure has weakened, or that there are holes in the roof. Either way, to avoid more extensive water damage, professionals must immediately fix a roof leak. When you notice water marks or a leak in the corner of your building, Cosam Contracting, Inc. will come to fix the leak at your commercial or industrial building in Ohio or KY. For flat roof repair services from Cosam Contracting, Inc., call us today in central and northern Ohio at (419) 492-2201, or in southern Ohio and Kentucky at (740) 776-7777. If you have questions about flat roof leak repair, contact us online for a prompt response.

Partnering with United Coatings™ for Roof Leak Repair

United Coatings™ is a business that partners with Cosam Contracting, Inc. along with other companies like Firestone, U.S. PLY Inc., Duro-Last Roofing System, and other roofing material producers. Cosam Contracting, Inc. is a certified dealer of United Coatings™, which offers the Unisil Roof Coating. This roof coating is an elastomer, and when exposed to high temperatures, it works faster. It is the perfect coating for a roof to not only fix roof leaks, but to prevent them. For more information on United Coatings™ and the other brands of roofing materials we work with, contact Cosam Contracting, Inc. today.

Stop a Leaky Roof in OH and KY to Keep Everyone Safe

Cosam Contracting, Inc. is an experienced roofing contractor serving Ohio and Northeastern Kentucky. We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to finding roof leaks, repairing roof leaks, and installing roofing systems on commercial and industrial buildings. When you notice a problem with your roof, it is important to call the experts to keep you, customers, employees, materials, and equipment safe. Repairing commercial and industrial roofs can be a large and dangerous job. It is best to find professionals to install United Coatings™ systems and other standard roofing systems. Call Cosam Contracting, Inc. to give you an estimate on the roofing services your commercial building may need to fix a roof leak completely and effectively.