Professional, Long Lasting Roof Coatings
for Businesses in Ohio

Safeguard Your Roof from Inclement Weather with Cosam Contracting, Inc.

Protective coatings might not be something that everyone thinks about putting on their commercial or industrial roof. However, it is an aspect that could make a big difference, particularly on older roofs. Adding a roof coating could protect it from getting cracks or holes that could cause a roof leak during a big storm. Cosam Contracting, Inc. knows what kind of roof coating you need and how to apply the coating to your industrial or commercial roof. We suggest calling a professional roofer to keep you safe and keep your roof looking and functioning properly with the right roof coating. For more information on roof coatings, call our central and northern office at (419) 492-2201, or in southern Ohio and Kentucky at (740) 776-7777, or contact us online.

Roof Coatings to Adhere and Protect Against Damage

Roof coating acts as a fluid membrane. It adheres to the roof and will morph to the appropriate shape. It is put on top of the flat roofing system like paint would be. Roof coatings serve to help your existing roof last longer while protecting it from sunlight, wind, hail, snow, ice, and rain. Every element that can damage your roof should be prevented. Your roof will continue to look like new after any storm. Cosam Contracting, Inc. can apply the right roof coating to your commercial or industrial building and check its effectiveness. We will pick the right one for your area and will make sure that the coating will protect your roof in the years to come.

Saving Ohio Businesses Valuable Time and Money

Cosam Contracting, Inc. in Tiro, OH, is a locally owned and operated company that has over 30 years of roofing experience. Our expert roofing contractors will help you with every aspect of your roofing needs. We will repair, install, and add finishing details to your roof to improve its lifespan. When your commercial or industrial area needs roofing services, save time and money by calling Cosam Contracting, Inc. for an estimate.