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Cosam Contracting –
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Cosam Contracting Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial roofing throughout Ohio and surrounding states since 1985. For over 30 years, Cosam Contracting has been providing roof repair and services specializing in flat and low-slope types. Commercial and industrial buildings have roofing systems and additional requirements that support communications, HVAC equipment, and more. Professional roofing services supplied by Cosam Contracting protects this vital equipment. As a Duro-Last Elite Contractor, we offer rooftop expertise throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and surrounding areas, with two regional locations to serve you. Call Cosam today in central and northern Ohio at (419) 492-2201, or in southern Ohio and Kentucky at (740) 776-7777. Contact Cosam Contracting online for a prompt response if you have any questions.

Roof Repair Contractor Serving Businesses in Ohio and Kentucky

As most business owners know, roofing for a commercial or industrial building require expertise to complete roof installation or roof repair properly. As professional roof repair contractors serving businesses in Ohio and Kentucky, Cosam Contracting has the experience to address the many issues that arise when doing flat roof repair on a commercial location. Trust the professional experience of our commercial roofing contractors to provide these roof leak repair services and other types of roofing restoration when you need it. We can install or replace standing seam metal roofs, and rectify storm damage to the upper exterior of the building, including gutters.

Regional Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services in OH and KY

As a leading provider of commercial and industrial roofing services, Cosam Contracting Inc. assists business owners and property managers with quality commercial roofing services beyond roof repairs. Our experienced flat roof specialists provide flat roof inspections, and assistance with choosing the right type of roofer for your specific building type. Cosam Contracting has professionals who know the benefits of specific roof coating and waterproofing systems. This knowledge, combined with quality materials from brand names clients know and trust, provide roofing excellence that keep customers satisfied and buildings secure. Quality brands Cosam Contracting uses include:

Customers Recognize Cosam Contracting for Quality Throughout the Area

Cosam Contracting receives high praise from satisfied customers throughout the region. We offer testimonials from clients in Ohio and Kentucky who appreciate our quality roof repairs and roofing services in the areas we serve. We look forward to serving and solving your roofing needs, so call us at Cosam Contracting, Inc. today!